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Population and Economic Data for Michigan
Population and Economic Data for Michigan

This web page provides access to data for Michigan and links to other Internet-based data sources. If you have any questions regarding this data, or the availability of any other data you may be looking for, please email Charlene Schlueter.
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Links in the table below prefaced with ** indicate data files that also contain historic information.

A variety of data can be found in the County and City Data Book: 2007 from the Census Bureau

American Community Survey for all geographies (at American Factfinder)
** County Business Patterns: 1998 through 2014pdf icon **Youth Population and Poverty, all Michigan Public School Districts 1999-2014 pdf icon (Size is 2,012kb)
** Census Demographic Profiles: 2010-2000, 2000-1990 pdf icon
for Michigan and its subdivisions
2002 Economic Census for all Michigan Geographic Areas pdf icon All Michigan Public School Districts 2000 Census Summary File 1 Profiles pdf icon (Size is 2,441KB)
** 2010 Census Population and Housing Unit Counts, Summary Population and Housing Characteristics: Michigan and all political subdivisions pdf icon ** Retail Sales: Per Capita 1982-2007, Michigan counties, pdf icon Statewide Map of Public School Districts pdf icon
Produced by the Michigan Center for Geographic Information
** Population: 1890-1990, Michigan counties pdf icon
(Size is 1,191 kb)
Worker Flow/Commuting: 2000 Census, Michigan counties pdf icon 1995-2014 Michigan Schools Per Pupil Foundation Allowance Excel icon
** Population: 1900-1990, Michigan counties pdf icon ** Income and Poverty Estimates 1997-2014, Michigan counties pdf icon
**Population by County, Township, Village, City: Decennial Census 1850 through 1960, all Michigan subdivisions pdf icon ** New Residential Building Permits by County
1999 through 2015 Excel icon
** Population and Housing: 1970-2000, Michigan places pdf icon updated flag ** Nonemployer Business Statistics: 2004-2014, Michigan counties
** Population by County, Township, Village, City: 1940, 1950, 1960, for all Michigan subdivisions pdf icon
(Size is 14,516 kb)
** Social Security--Old-Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance benefits 2004-2013 for Michigan and its counties Excel format Excel icon pdf format pdf icon
** Population Estimates 2010-2015, Michigan Counties pdf icon and Excel icon
** Health Insurance Coverage by County, 2008-2014 pdf icon
Forecasts to 2040: Michigan and its Counties Excel icon
** Marriages and Divorces 2000-2012, Michigan Counties pdf PDF File and Excel Excel File
Daytime Population Estimates, 2000 Census, Michigan, Counties and Select Places pdf icon
Census: 2000, "Michigan: Summary of Population and Housing Characteristics" pdf icon
(590 pages; Size is 13,474 kb)
2000 Census, Special Tabulation on Aging Excel icon
(data statewide for Michigan by Council on Aging service areas)
Consists of tables for both Population and Housing data, and is contained in 185 Excel files. Click on the following link for a description of the tables. Table Descriptions
2000 Census Count Question Resolution Revisions for Michigan pdf icon
**Population Estimates 2000-2009, Michigan Counties
Map of Michigan Counties Showing % Change in Population pdf icon
** Population Estimates 1990-1999, Michigan Counties
** Population Estimates 1980-1989 by Age, Sex, Race , Michigan Counties (Size 2,716kb) Excel icon

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